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Cord Blood Transplants Reduce Complications

Cord Blood Transplants Reduce Complications

A new study offers significant evidence that umbilical cord blood transplants reduce complications after transplant, the need for immunosuppression and the incidence of infections and hospitalizations in leukemia patients. A University of Colorado Cancer Center study released in July 2016 compared outcomes of leukemia patients who had received bone marrow transplants from matched, unrelated donors to those who had received… Read More »Cord Blood Transplants Reduce Complications

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! The CDC has published a valuable collection of tips, facts, and resources related to breast cancer awareness and detection, which we are happy to syndicate. Please be aware, and proactive!

Stem Cell Awareness Day 2016

Stem Cell Awareness Day 2016

Stem Cell Awareness Day 2016 Today is Stem Cell Awareness Day! Each year on the second Wednesday of October, organizations and individuals around the world work together to ensure that we all realize the benefits of one of the most promising fields of science in our time. We also aim to promote a greater understanding of stem cell research, and… Read More »Stem Cell Awareness Day 2016

Five Things to Know When You’re Past Your Due Date

past due dateOnce you become pregnant, you realize pretty quickly that there’s no exact science to much of what happens during pregnancy. Nine months is often closer to 10 months, morning sickness can happen at night, and the timeline of when you feel those first few kicks can be wildly different than what you’ve read or heard.

It’s no wonder that the ‘due date’ you’ve been staring at on your calendar for months may come and go without a twinge. The last month of pregnancy can feel like an eternity! Frankly, you’re uncomfortable and tired. You’ve been preparing for months, and you are ready for your new baby to be here. Now. Read More »Five Things to Know When You’re Past Your Due Date

How to Access Stem Cells for Treatment

how to access stem cellsBy now, you’ve probably heard about how stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood are being used to treat more than 80 diseases and illnesses. You may also know that clinical trials are currently underway to determine if these stem cells can be used to treat syndromes like autism or diabetes in the future.

You may even be aware that stem cells are stored in both private and public cord blood banks. What you may never have learned, however, is how a person would go about accessing stem cells from stored umbilical cord blood if there is a need, for themselves or a family member. Read More »How to Access Stem Cells for Treatment

Preventing Birth Defects: Steps to Take Before & During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant in the near future, there are important steps you can take to reduce the risk of your child being born with serious birth defects. Before Pregnancy: Adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. What better motivation is there to get healthy than to improve your future child’s health? Eat a well-balanced… Read More »Preventing Birth Defects: Steps to Take Before & During Pregnancy

Our Year in Review – 2015

top cord blood banksIt has been a great year for us here at New England Cord Blood Bank! As we reflect back on 2015, it is impossible not to feel incredible gratitude. Those who have worked with us for many years have noticed some big changes. If you’re just getting to know us, we’re excited to fill you in on all the news!

As we enter the 2016, we will continue to provide excellent services and opportunities for current and expectant parents. Here are a few highlights from 2015:Read More »Our Year in Review – 2015

The Difference Between Family Cord Blood Banks and Corporate Banks

If you have visited your OB/GYN doctor in recent years, you may have seen brochures or other literature advertising umbilical cord blood banks. If you’re pregnant, you are probably getting bombarded by these marketing materials. Cord blood banks advertise in email newsletters, maternity stores, and pregnancy magazines. Even worse, most of the marketing looks nearly identical from one company to… Read More »The Difference Between Family Cord Blood Banks and Corporate Banks