Cord Blood Banking Cost: Why Is NECBB Less Expensive Than Other Cord Blood Banks?

Cord Blood Banking Cost

When it comes to the costs associated with Cord Blood Banking, it can be difficult to figure out why certain Cord Blood Banks are more expensive than others. From up-front processing fees to annual storage costs, pricing among Cord Blood Banks varies greatly. Throw in multiple storage options, promotional discounts and varied processing methods, and it’s easy to see why there is confusion.

We are a privately owned Cord Blood Bank. There are no stockholders to appease, no analysts to impress or board of directors to answer to. We made a strategic choice to ensure that preserving your newborn’s stem cells was affordable.

At New England Cord Blood Bank, we ARE less expensive than many of our competitors but that in no way means the processing and cryo-preservation of your Cord Blood Stem Cells is inferior to other banks. What it does mean is our business model and approach to Cord Blood Banking is more efficient than many. At NECBB, we take great pride in being 100% transparent and up-front with our prices. There are never any hidden fees with our services and you can be assured that we take Stem Cell preservation incredibly seriously.

Here are some common questions we get when people ask why we are less expensive than other banks:

Absolutely! Our Cord Blood Collection Kit is extremely well insulated to protect the cord blood during shipping. In fact, here is a picture of our actual collection kit (notice the thick, foam inserts):Our Cord Blood Collection Kit

Absolutely not! We use the Sepax 2 automated processing system to process cord blood and ensure maximum stem cell recovery. Using this automated processing system retrieves the greatest number of stem cells from the cord blood sample, resulting in up to a 99% cell recovery rate—one of the highest in the industry.Sepax 2 automated processing system

No way! At NECBB, we have over 40 years of Cryogenic Storage experience. Our Cryogenic Lab is located on site, which is not true of all cord blood banks. The foundation of our company is rooted in securely storing human cells and tissue. As a service our company was founded on, it continues to be of the utmost importance today.Cryogenic Storage

NECBB’s cryogenic facilities are specially designed to ensure maximum security and protection. Our storage containers can maintain their internal temperatures within 1 degree for up to 30 days in case of a power failure. We are protected from power outages by an on-site generator. Additionally, our facility includes an on-site bulk liquid nitrogen storage tank, reducing the need for costly deliveries and the handling of smaller refill containers. Storing your cord blood with NECBB guarantees that it will be safe and available whenever you may need it.

There is absolutely NO CATCH! NECBB is a family-owned Cord Blood Bank who have been in business longer than many of our competitors. We aren’t beholden to large, corporate pharmaceutical companies or outside investors. We proudly handle all of our own marketing and operations that require much less overhead than some larger banks. In no way does that affect our quality or attention to detail. Our philosophy has always been that virtually everyone who wishes to bank their Cord Blood Stem Cells should have an opportunity to do so. That is also why we offer NO INTEREST PAYMENT PLANS with NO CREDIT CHECKS. Again, we want to make Stem Cell Banking as affordable and accessible to as many families who want and need it.

You bet! Just like the larger Cord Blood Banks, we are AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) accredited, FDA registered and hold numerous licenses in states that require it. We are a Global company and people from around the world trust us with their Cord Blood Stem Cells.

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