Cord Blood Collection Process

Safe, Quick, and Painless Collection

The question on every parent’s mind is, how is cord blood collected? Collection of cord blood and cord tissue is a very simple process that your delivering doctor will provide for you and your baby with no risk. There are few easy steps before your cord blood and tissue are collected.

Cord Blood Collection Process:

  1.  Enroll with NECBB. Once you open our questionnaire, we will provide you with informational fields to be filled out to ensure all the work is done well before the birth. Then all you will need to do is collect and ship everything to us at New England Cord Blood Bank post-birth, and we will handle the rest.

  2. How is cord blood collected? You will need to inform your doctor of your intent to collect your baby’s cord blood so they can prepare their staff and ensure they have the correct steps put into place for a proper collection to be sent back to us.

  3. Bring your collection kit to the hospital for the birth of your baby. Your doctor will then use your collection kit to ensure the cord is safely collected for its shipment back to us at New England Cord Blood Bank for the processing and storage of the cord stem cells.
cord blood collection

The cord blood collection process has been made simple by our team of experienced professionals so that when the big day comes, there is no additional work to be done by you! Your doctor and the team members at New England Cord Blood Bank will handle the rest and ensure your baby’s cord stem cells are safe and secure!

Cord Blood Transportation Service

Shipping your Cord blood and Tissue to NECBB

Shipping your Cord blood and Cord tissue is easy! After the cord blood collection process is complete, we will arrange to have your collection kit picked up from you at the hospital. The kit is then delivered to our laboratory, where we begin processing your cord blood and tissue stem cells, and preparing them for cryogenic storage.