Introducing the NECBB Lifetime Storage Plan!

In life, peace of mind comes when we know that something is taken care of for good. With our ‘ultimate’ long term storage plan you will:

With our 20 year storage plan, customers who wish to continue storing at our facility after the 20 year period would either be billed annually or initiate a new plan.

With the lifetime storage plan, you won’t need to revisit your paperwork, pricing conversations, or worries about what to do with your unit.

NECBB Lifetime Storage Plan

Interest free financing available

Long Term Storage PlanPrice
20 year storage
Cord Blood$3,849
Cord Blood+Tissue$6,699
Lifetime Storage Service
Cord Blood$5,249
Cord Blood+Tissue$9,499

*Lifetime plan based on average lifespan of 78 years. Source: The World Bank. Refer to contract for terms and conditions