NECBB is a Pioneer in Cryogenics

Our affiliated company, New England Cryogenic Center, has been in business since 1971. Spanning three generations, NECC provides high-quality cryogenic services to the medical community. Since 1997, we have been successfully processing and storing umbilical cord blood stem cells. We offer you the combination of experience, cutting-edge facilities, and integrity that ensures you’re doing the best for your family by banking with such a trusted partner.

Accredited and Licensed

NECBB is registered with the FDA and is accredited by the AABB (formerly known as American Association of Blood Banks). Additionally, NECBB is licensed in the states of California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York.

AgencyCertificates & Accreditations
Certificate of Accreditations
FDA Registered
CLIACertificate of Compliance
Canada HPFBCTO Registration Certificate
Clinical Lab License
New York StateTissues Processing – Cord Blood & Tissues
Processing – Cord Tissue
License for Production of Biologics & Tissue 
Bank License
Blood Bank License

AABB Congratulates NECBB

View AABB Letter to NECBB

“I am thankful for NECBB and all of the brilliant minds researching stem cell treatments and, of course, my children, one of which would not be here right now if it weren’t for this miracle.”

Leighsa McCommon Swampscott Ma
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