Processing and Storage

Cord Blood Processing


At New England Cord Blood Bank, we offer state-of-the-art facilities and a caring staff to help ensure that your baby’s cord blood processing is handled by a staff of careful professionals who will store and preserve it in case of future need.


Cord Blood and Tissue Storage

Long Term Cord Blood Storage

Once your stem cells are processed and prepared for storage, they are moved to our cryogenic storage facility. The foundation of our company is rooted in securely storing human cells and tissue. As a service our company was founded on, it continues to be of the utmost importance today.

NECBB’s cryogenic facilities are specially designed to ensure maximum security and protection for your cord blood and tissue storage. Our storage containers can maintain their internal temperatures in case of a power failure. We are protected from power outages by an on-site generator.

Additionally, our facility includes an on-site bulk liquid nitrogen storage tank, reducing the need for costly deliveries and the handling of smaller refill containers. Storing your cord blood with NECBB guarantees that it will be safe and available whenever you may need it.

At NECBB, we have over 40 years of Cryogenic Storage experience. Our Cryogenic Lab is located on site, which is not true of all cord blood banks.


Our cryogenic facility maintains multiple levels of security. This includes back up alarm systems, 24 hour on-call staff, 24 hour temperature monitoring, and a gravity driven liquid nitrogen system which does not depend on electricity.