Engraftment Guarantee

Engraftment Guarantee

NECBB $80,000 Quality Service Engraftment Guarantee

NECBB will refund all monies paid towards the delivery, processing and storage plus up to an additional $80,000.00 to cover costs of alternative therapy for any Cord Blood that fails to engraft during transplant.  This applies only to Cord Blood processed and stored by NECBB. The terms and conditions as indicated below.

  • The cells must be collected with NECBB collection kit and processed and cryopreserved by NECBB.
  • The cells must be used in a stem cell transplant for hematopoietic reconstitution either by the donor (autologous use) or by first or second degree genetic relative.
  • The cells must be released to a medical facility qualified by an Institutional Review Board for stem cell transplantation and administered to the patient by a transplant physician.
  • The patients must be provided sufficient time post transplant for engraftment to occur.
  • The cells must not be subjected to positive or negative cell selection, manipulation, gene therapy, or cell expansion.
  • The cord blood sample must contain at least 2 x 10 7 total nucleated cells per kilogram.
  • The cord blood sample must contain at least 1 x 10 5 CD34 + cells per kilogram.
  • The cells must not be used in combination with other stem cells sources, such as additional cord blood, peripheral blood or bone marrow.
  • The cells must not be used in experimental procedures, including but not limited to, mini-transplants, cells expansion, gene therapy or other types of extensive and/ or experimental laboratory cultures.
  • The patient and/ or stem cell sample must not be subjected to an investigational drug within 100 days of transplantation.

Cord blood stem cell engraftment is defined as three consecutive days in which the patient’s absolute neutrophil count is at least 500 per microliter.

The following documentation is required by NECBB to honor the guarantee:

  • Valid Medical records documenting proof of non-engraftment.
  • Proof of notification of payment (including amount paid) to all third parties responsible for payment of any fees associated with collection, storage or transplant.
  • NECBB’s Quality Service guarantee is valid per terms and conditions of service agreement. Banking your baby’s cord blood does not guarantee that the umbilical cord blood will be a match for any particular family member or that an umbilical cord blood transplant will provide the best course of treatment for any particular disease. Ultimate use of your child’s cord blood sample will depend on the physician’s determination of disease type and HLA matching for donor and recipient.

Individuals whose cord blood stem cell collection, storage or transplant fees are paid in full or part by Medicare or Medicaid. Individuals whose cord blood stem cell collection, storage or transplant fees are paid in full or part by third-party payers in Massachusetts and Michigan.