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NECBB® Launches Research Donation Initiative

New England Cord Blood Bank, Inc. (NECBB) the nation’s premier cord blood bank, has announced a new initiative that will steer proceeds from their sales to the Cord Blood Association Foundation, to help support their programs. Starting March 1, 2018, a portion of NECBB’s proceeds will be donated to the foundation for each new cord blood banking enrollee. The recently… Read More »NECBB® Launches Research Donation Initiative

Cord Blood Banking for Newborns

Options for Your Baby’s Cord Blood

Options for Your Baby’s Cord Blood If you’re expecting a baby, you might have heard about umbilical cord blood and its potential to treat diseases. Your doctor may talk to you about cord blood banking, but many prospective parents haven’t considered the process. Even after talking with a doctor, you may not understand the options for your baby’s cord blood,… Read More »Options for Your Baby’s Cord Blood

Our Cord Blood Collection Kit

What’s Inside the Collection Kit?

What’s Inside the Collection Kit? New England Cord Blood Bank, Inc.’s Cord Blood and Tissue Collection Kits are very comprehensive and include everything your medical team needs to successfully collect the blood and cord tissue for safe processing and storage at our facility. NECBB Cord Blood and Tissue Collection Kit Components: After you make the commitment to store your child’s… Read More »What’s Inside the Collection Kit?

Blood Cancer Awareness Month

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September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. Every three minutes, someone in the United States is diagnosed with blood cancer. It is one of the most common types of cancer, affecting the production and function of your blood cells. In most blood cancers, the normal blood cell development process is interrupted by uncontrolled growth of an abnormal type of blood cell.… Read More »Blood Cancer Awareness Month

“The Balancing Act” airing on Lifetime TV features New England Cord Blood Bank

“The Balancing Act” airing on Lifetime TV features New England Cord Blood Bank As part of Cord Blood Awareness Month, New England Cord Blood Bank was featured on a segment on ‘The Balancing Act’, airing on Lifetime TV.  In our Cord Blood processing video segment, we take you into our science lab to show you exactly what happens to your… Read More »“The Balancing Act” airing on Lifetime TV features New England Cord Blood Bank

Search Stem Cell Clinical Trials

If you are actively searching for Stem Cell Clinical Trials that are currently accepting patients, we now have a searchable database available! Thanks to the Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation, anyone can easily navigate the complex world of open clinical stem cell trials. See how cord blood is saving lives in the areas of:   Use the drop-down list… Read More »Search Stem Cell Clinical Trials

NECBB Price Comparison

We invite you to view our NECBB Price Comparison vs. other Cord Blood Banks. Our sincere belief is that everyone should have access to life-saving Stem Cells through Cord Blood Banking. We are a family-owned, fully accredited Cord Blood Bank and we can offer some of the best pricing in the industry. You won’t find any hidden fees or other up-charges at New… Read More »NECBB Price Comparison