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pregnancy during coronavirus

Pregnancy and Coronavirus

What to Expect if You Are Pregnant During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Emergency Around the world, hospitals are scrambling to prepare for the large increase in patients with COVID-19 coronavirus. If you’re currently expecting, you likely have many questions regarding how the coronavirus emergency could affect your pregnancy. You may be wondering what impact the emergency may have on your birth… Read More »Pregnancy and Coronavirus

National Health History Day

November is National Family Health History Month

The US Surgeon General has declared November as Family Health History Month. This is a national public health campaign, to encourage all Americans to learn more about their family health history. An Important Initiative Do you know all of the diseases that run in your family? According to the US Department of Health & Human Services, a recent survey found… Read More »November is National Family Health History Month

5 Ways to Reduce Maternal Stress

The University of Notre Dame Australia and the Telethon Kids Institute just released a new study about stress during pregnancy. The results suggest that stress in pregnant mothers may affect their child’s motor development into adolescence. Doctors and scientists have long suspected other links between chronic maternal stress and increased risk for both mother and baby. Everyone experiences some stress… Read More »5 Ways to Reduce Maternal Stress

Free Birth Plan

What is a birth plan? A birth plan is a document that lets your medical team know your preferences and desires before, during and after labor. The Birth Plan will list your preferences for things like your preferred delivery method, who you wish to be present during and after delivery and your in-room comfort wishes. Keep in mind that you… Read More »Free Birth Plan

7 Summer Babymoon Destinations

Want to escape for a long weekend or extended vacation before your baby makes his or her debut? A ‘babymoon’ alone with your spouse or a friend is a great way to relax and enjoy some time all to yourself! This is your chance, before your life becomes overwhelmed by on-demand feedings, diaper changes, lack of sleep, and laundry –… Read More »7 Summer Babymoon Destinations

True or False? Debunking 13 Common Pregnancy Myths

Today, expectant parents across the world to become more informed than ever. In addition to getting advice from healthcare providers and online resources, friends, family members, and co-workers have plenty of ‘helpful tips’ to add to the mix. You’re pregnant… and everyone else is an expert! Have you ever wondered if some of the “facts” you’ve heard about pregnancy are… Read More »True or False? Debunking 13 Common Pregnancy Myths

IVF, IUI, ICSI, Oh My! Understanding Infertility Causes & Treatments

We’re so ingrained to believe that intercourse could easily lead to an unintended pregnancy early in our lives that many of us are absolutely shocked to discover how difficult it can be to conceive when we’re finally ready to start a family. When you’re trying without success for months or years to conceive, it can feel like you’re alone in… Read More »IVF, IUI, ICSI, Oh My! Understanding Infertility Causes & Treatments