What’s Inside the Collection Kit?

What’s Inside the Collection Kit?

Our Cord Blood Collection KitNew England Cord Blood Bank, Inc.’s Cord Blood and Tissue Collection Kits are very comprehensive and include everything your medical team needs to successfully collect the blood and cord tissue for safe processing and storage at our facility.

NECBB Cord Blood and Tissue Collection Kit Components:

After you make the commitment to store your child’s cord blood and tissue with New England Cord Blood Bank (NECBB), we will send you our collection kit which is specifically designed to preserve the cord blood and umbilical cord tissue. Our kits meet all FDA and AABB (formerly American Association of Blood Banks) validation requirements.

The Pall bag contained in the sterile silver foil sealed package is used to collect the blood specimen from the umbilical cord. The unit is pre-configured for trouble-free use by the medical staff and can be used for C-section delivery.

The kit has purple and red-topped test tubes for the collection of the mother’s blood. These samples are used for blood testing.

HyClone™ Liquid Tissue Culture Media is sterile HBSS (Hank’s Buffered Saline Solution) for the transport of the umbilical cord tissue. It keeps the cord tissue hydrated and protected while in transport to our lab.

Antiseptic swabs help disinfect the collection area on the umbilical cord prior to cord blood collection, and hopefully cord tissue collection.

These bags will contain the cord blood collected in the collection bag, and the cord tissue collected in the Hyclone bottle.  The cord blood or tissue do not go directly into the biohazard bag

All paperwork enclosed in your kit has a specific purpose including:

  • Your contract
  • Your medical documents
  • Instructions for your medical team (Please read the instructions.
    Pass the appropriate instructions to the medical staff.)