Pregnancy Prep

Pregnancy Preperation Steps

5 Things to Consider When Creating Your Birth Plan

Whether you’re pregnant with your first child, or you’ve given birth before, you probably have a few ideas about what you want your birth experience to be like. Although no birth ever goes exactly as expected, creating a birth plan provides an increased sense of peace and control. A complete birth plan also helps ensure that everyone involved with the… Read More »5 Things to Consider When Creating Your Birth Plan

Should I bank cord blood?

At every doctor’s appointment, there seems to be a new, big decision to be made. When those appointments start coming every two weeks instead of every month, you may feel like you’re constantly facing potentially life-altering choices. Should I undergo early stage pregnancy screenings? What is my ideal birth plan? Will I breastfeed or bottle feed? Who will I choose… Read More »Should I bank cord blood?

Pregnancy and Breast Cancer Risk

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the annual campaign to encourage support for research of the disease, as well as early detection. A lot of progress has been made in understanding breast cancer risk factors. Do you know yours? Studies have shown that a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer is related to her exposure to hormones — estrogen and progesterone… Read More »Pregnancy and Breast Cancer Risk

Foodborne Bacteria and Parasites

3 Common Foodborne Bacteria and Parasites to be Aware of during Pregnancy 

Pregnant women already know they need to eliminate food and beverages like coffee, some seafood, and alcohol from their diets. But did you know that there are other foods which can potentially be harmful to your unborn child? It is important to eat a well-balanced diet while avoiding foods that may contain bacteria and parasites. Here are the three most… Read More »3 Common Foodborne Bacteria and Parasites to be Aware of during Pregnancy 

First Prenatal Appointment Questions To Ask

You’re having a baby! Booking your first prenatal appointment is exciting and an important opportunity to make sure you feel comfortable with your doctor or midwife. Don’t be surprised when you call the doctor’s office as soon as you know you’re pregnant and find out they don’t want to see you for several more weeks. The first visit is usually… Read More »First Prenatal Appointment Questions To Ask