Gifts of Life and Love

baby giftFebruary is the month of hearts and flowers. Along with the romance, there are gifts of love that can change lives. We have some ideas for the newest members of your family, before they’re even born.

Consider starting a college fund. You can open a 529 investment plan to get baby started on the path to education. It gives others an easy way to contribute as birthday or holiday gifts and on other occasions. Savings bonds are another idea. They build in equity while the child is growing. For a more sentimental and personal gift for a beloved newborn, how about a book of memories? It could include photos of relatives, family history and stories, and newspaper clippings from the day the baby was born.

Perhaps one of the most heartfelt gifts of love for children and their families is the opportunity for umbilical cord blood banking. If parents-to-be in your life are considering cord blood banking when their baby is born, you can play a part in ensuring that the child’s stem cells will be available to them or their siblings if ever needed in the future to treat an illness. Think about making a financial contribution toward either the processing or storage costs. It’s a gift that comes with a price tag, but truly is priceless.

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