Spring & Summer Maternity Clothes: 7 Tips for Pregnancy Fashion on a Budget!

spring summer maternity budgetShopping for maternity clothes can be frustrating. Who wants to spend a fortune on new outfits that they may never wear again? Plus, every time you feel like you’ve completed your wardrobe for the upcoming trimesters, something comes up: a friend’s wedding, your nephew’s graduation, or yet another work event. You head back to store racks, credit card in hand. Meanwhile, you’re also trying to save money for the new baby and everything that comes with adding a new little person to the family.

To help you look and feel great, we’ve put together an inexpensive pregnancy wardrobe that will get you through spring and summer. You’ll even be able to continue wearing some of these pieces after the baby arrives!

Here are seven “must-have” items to help you look and feel great throughout your pregnancy and beyond:

1. Wrap Dresses

Skip the maternity department and hit the sale racks. Buy these versatile dresses in regular sizes that can be adjusted up for your growing body. After the baby is born, you will be just as stylish during whatever time it takes to go back to your pre-pregnancy size.

2. Pregnancy Camisoles

These pretty garments are perfect for layering under more forgiving non-maternity clothes. They are generally inexpensive, come in a variety of colors, and can range from simple and sporty to lacy and racy!

3. Consignment Treasures

Shopping for consignment maternity clothes on websites such as ThredUp.com is especially great for big events like weddings or work parties. Also, if you do end up splurging on a high-end maternity item, you can list it later and recoup some of the expense.

4. Maternity Basics

It’s never a bad idea to invest in a few maternity basics such as jeans, black or grey pants, black or grey skirts, and a basic white tailored shirt. These are items that can be worn in any season. You may have another baby in the future, or you can always pass these timeless pieces along to a friend.

5. Belly Band

Try using a belly band to stretch the ‘life’ of your current pants or skirts. In addition to providing relief from back pain and other benefits, belly bands are great for camouflaging a button, snap, or hook that will no longer close all the way.

6. Sundresses and Maxi-Dresses

Buy these long, comfortable dresses in regular sizes now, and enjoy them for years to come. Not only are they forgiving during pregnancy, they will still fit later and never go out of style!

7. Yoga Pants and Leggings

Look for soft fabrics that have a lot of stretch. When the weather gets warm, you can pair these versatile bottoms with a comfy tank top or tee. You’ll even be able to wear them next fall under a big sweater and some stylish boots. If they are too big, just roll them at the waist!

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