10 Things You Don’t Need on Your Baby Registry

For anyone expecting their first child, the process of completing a baby registry can definitely be a bit overwhelming. In addition to your own confusion, you’ll likely receive plenty of unsolicited advice from family and friends.

From cribs to car seats and swings to strollers, there are so many options! How do you know what’s important or necessary for your lifestyle and your child’s safety? Here are 10 things you don’t need on your baby registry!

We’ve outlined a list of common items that you likely do NOT need:

  1. Wipe warmer: This ranks highest on the list of items that new parents-to-be regret buying for baby. In addition to the wasted electricity, warmers dry out the wipes, and get baby used to a temperature that will not be available anywhere else but home.
  2. Crib bedding sets: As tempting as it is to pick out that fancy set to match your room décor, you’ll soon find it to be a futile effort. You’ll do better with several sets of clean sheets since they’ll get soiled and need to be frequently washed. Also, crib bumpers are not recommended for safety.
  3. Bottles: Of course you will be buying bottles for your baby. However, you’ll likely need to try a few different brands and styles before finding the right one.
  4. Baby food processor: While it’s a great idea to make your own baby food, you can use the regular kitchen blender or food processor that you already own.
  5. Changing table: Particularly if space is an issue, you will find it much more convenient and efficient to put a changing pad on a low dresser top. Also, quite often you will change your baby in rooms other than the nursery. A steady surface and a blanket or portable pad work just fine.
  6. Shoes: Yes, those tiny shoes are super cute but it is unlikely that baby will need or want to wear them for a long time. If someone really wants to buy shoes, have them get a pair in mommy’s size!
  7. Infant laundry detergent: All of the major detergent brands now make laundry soap in no-dye, no-perfume versions. You’ll save money, and it will make doing the family wash a whole lot easier.10 Things You Don’t Need on Your Baby Registry
  8. Baby towels: While those little, hooded towels and tiny washcloths are cute in the beginning, you’ll be surprised at how fast baby will grow out of them! Stick with regular, soft bath towels.
  9. Bottle warmer: You will find life much easier on everyone involved if you get your baby used to room temperature breast milk or formula right from the beginning. For those who insist on warmer bottles, a simple bowl or mug of warm water will do the trick.
  10. Clothes: You will get more clothes than you know what to do with, even if you don’t include these items on your baby registry. People love to buy those adorable little outfits, and it’s easy to go overboard!

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