7 Best Pregnancy Apps

best pregnancy appsPicture this: It’s 3 am, you have heartburn (again), and you’re not sure what to do. Can you take anything? Is there another way to get rid of it so you can get back to sleep? Could you have done something to prevent it in the first place? Or, you’re seven months pregnant and contemplating a delicious-looking deli sandwich platter in front of you at an event. You can’t remember what’s okay and what’s not. You could try to do a search online, but many of the websites don’t work well on the smartphone you have handy. Even the mobile websites may lead you down a rabbit hole of bad information and everyone-has-an-opinion forums. What do you do?

Behold the smartphone apps that will carry you through pregnancy when every day brings more questions. There are a multitude of mobile applications available at your fingertips, and we’ve narrowed down the list to seven of our favorites.

1. My Pregnancy Today

This BabyCenter app is full of videos, articles, checklists, and timers. It also has healthy recipes for meals during pregnancy and breastfeeding. There’s even a special “Bumpies” space to save pictures of your growing belly. There’s even a special offer available to users of this app for cord blood banking at New England Cord Blood Bank, valid through June 30, 2016 – download the app to access it! 

2. WebMD Pregnancy

This free mobile app gets high praise for its easy-to-use interface and medically-supported information. As the app description says, “It’s like having a doctor in your pocket!” In addition, this app features a number of tools such as checklists, questions to ask your doctor, appointment reminders, a kick counter, and a symptom tracker.

3. Totally Pregnant

This colorful free app provides in-depth information about fetal development, expert pregnancy advice, and fun facts. We especially love the 3D animations and helpful videos, including video blogs from other expecting parents. It helps to know you are not alone in whatever you are experiencing!

4. Pregnancy ++

This app ranks high for a useful dashboard featuring a pregnancy timeline with a journal, weight tracker, appointment log, and packing guide. It also gives you easy kick and contraction timers plus a database of other helpful information.

5. I’m Expecting

The adorable newborn pictures featured on this app almost make it worth downloading, even if it didn’t also have other great features such as weekly videos. The symptom tracker is especially helpful and easy to use. Just tap the date and enter pregnancy symptoms with severity rating. Track your progression and share the data with your health care provider at appointments.

6. mPregnancy

We can’t forget the dads! This app is fun and useful; sure to provide great information along with a laugh or two. In addition to helping the father-to-be stay on top of what’s happening in the pregnancy, he can also get specific tips about how to be as helpful and supportive as possible.

7. FullTerm

When the time comes, this app will give you a user-friendly, visual way to track your labor contractions. The clear and clutter-free interface lets you and your partner be completely focused on the specific task at hand.

During your pregnancy, you may hear about cord blood banking and wonder if it’s right for you. Contact one of our specialists today to learn more.