3 Reasons to Bank Cord Tissue

banking cord tissueLike cord blood banking, umbilical cord tissue can be collected at the time of birth in a way that is completely safe for mother and child. Cord tissue is a rich source of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs). These MSCs differ from those obtained from cord blood, but they are just as valuable.

High Reward of Banking Privately

Banking your baby’s cord tissue is a way to have a perfect genetic match for your child, and the tissue often provides a match for other family members. Currently, cord tissue is not approved for use in medical procedures, but it is the subject of robust research and study. There are more than 500 clinical trials with various forms of MSCs, and many of them involve cord tissue MSCs. So far, cord tissue MSCs have proven to be helpful during transfusions and other forms of regenerative medicine. That means, when the use of these MSCs is approved, banking cord tissue privately can offer access if the tissue is needed by your child or another family member.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

While there are other forms of MSCs, like bone marrow MSCs, that share similar characteristics to those in the umbilical cord, there are distinct advantages to cord tissue collection. These precious cells are young, since they are frozen at birth. They are also easily obtained and do not involve surgery.

Opening a World of Possibility

Studies continue to open promising doors for cord tissue MSCs. Choosing to bank this tissue with us can ensure a brighter future for your child. Learn more about banking cord tissue. To learn more about cord blood and tissue banking opportunities and updates, subscribe to our email newsletter.
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