Update from Stem Cell Awareness Day

On October 14, 2015, the global scientific community recognized Stem Cell Awareness Day. A primary goal of the day was to foster greater understanding about stem cell research and the incredible strides that have helped millions of people around the world.

Encouraging Discussions

In addition to stimulating family discussions about umbilical cord blood stem cells, we hope this day each year will also help educate medical professionals. Healthcare providers are not currently required to educate parents on the opportunity to bank cord blood, despite the benefits.  According to research completed by US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, “patients are not well informed, especially ethnic minorities, younger patients and those with lesser degrees of education.” This leaves us with a lot of opportunities to educate and promote awareness about stem cell treatment.

Stem Cell Day  Spreading Awareness

It was exciting to see the number of people who got involved to spread awareness of Stem Cell Awareness Day. In addition to local live events, individuals and organizations from all corners of the globe added to the conversation on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. From scientists to high school students to individuals who have personally benefitted by stem cell treatments, the hashtags #stemcellday and #AStemCellScientistBecause continue to ring with information and inspiration.

Taking Action  

We encourage you to continue the discussion! Post on social media using the hashtag, #stemcellday and tell us and the rest of the world why you have banked, or are considering banking, your baby’s cord blood.

Here are a few examples of recent social media messages:


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