Five Things to Know When You’re Past Your Due Date

past due dateOnce you become pregnant, you realize pretty quickly that there’s no exact science to much of what happens during pregnancy. Nine months is often closer to 10 months, morning sickness can happen at night, and the timeline of when you feel those first few kicks can be wildly different than what you’ve read or heard.

It’s no wonder that the ‘due date’ you’ve been staring at on your calendar for months may come and go without a twinge. The last month of pregnancy can feel like an eternity! Frankly, you’re uncomfortable and tired. You’ve been preparing for months, and you are ready for your new baby to be here. Now. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you’re anxiously waiting for that baby to make his or her debut:

1. Only five percent of babies are born on their predicted birth date. Although it might feel quite annoying, it’s more typical not to give birth on the original target. Technically, you are not considered “post-term” until two full weeks past your due date.

2. Your health care provider will likely be monitoring you closely. Even though it’s quite common to deliver a few days late, things can change quickly at this stage. Your doctor will be keeping tabs on your amniotic fluid, cervical changes, and the baby’s weight and heart rate.

3. This is the best time to spoil yourself. Once baby decides to come, you’ll be busy! For now, put your feet up, read a book, take naps, or get an ice cream sundae. A pregnancy massage from a qualified practitioner is another way to pamper yourself. It might even get things moving!

4. Don’t go crazy with old wives’ tales. One social media status update about being past your due date is sure to bring a flurry of suggestions, from spicy foods to walking to sex. Be sure to keep your healthcare provider in the loop to ensure safety, and trust your good judgment. In particular, be cautious of any herbal concoctions or oils that can cause increased blood pressure, dehydration, and other adverse effects.

5. You may still have time to consider cord blood banking. If you have been thinking about cord blood banking, it’s probably not too late. Contact NECBB right away to expedite a collection kit, and bring it with you to the hospital.

Are you still wondering if cord blood banking is right for you? Contact us today to get answers to your questions.