NECBB vs Lifebank USA

Compare New England Cord Blood Bank with LifeBank USA

Cord Blood Processing$1,349$1,550
Annual Storage$140$150
Cord Blood + Tissue Processing$1,749$2,600
Annual Storage$280$300
Cord Blood + Tissue - 20 Year Pre-paid$3,209$3,614
Cord Blood & Cord Tissue - 20 Year Pre-paid$5,469$6,728
Sepax-2 Fully-Automated Processing
*LifeBank uses placenta tissue instead of umbilical cord tissue. Their long term storage is 18 years.As of 7|18

At NECBB, we believe one of our advantages is that our lab uses the Sepax-2 fully-automated processing system. Many of our competitors only use manual processing. At NECBB, all of our methodologies, not only meet FDA regulations, they follows FDA recommendations.

We invite anyone considering storing their Cord Blood Stem Cells to take a private tour with one of our Scientist where we will show you the laboratory and storage facility. Contact Us today to schedule your private tour!

NECBB Storage Facility