Compare New England Cord Blood Bank with CBR

Cord Blood Processing$1,349$1,650
Annual Storage$140$150
Savings 20-Year Plan$491
Cord Blood & Tissue Processing$1,749$2,795
Cord Blood & Tissue Annual Fee$280$300
Savings 20-Year Plan$1,426
The Gold StandardSepax 2 Processing
As of 7|18

At NECBB, we believe one of our main advantages is that we’re a privately-owned company. Recently, some of our competitors have merged or they have been bought and sold. They have been owned by conglomerates, pharmaceutical companies and even venture capitalist. We’ve been banking cord blood since 1997, we don’t see our customers as transferable assets, we see them as caring families. While some companies may be taking on mounting debt and becoming more accountable to boards and stockholders than customers, we remain true to our vision of helping to save lives. We invite anyone considering storing their umbilical cord stem cells to take a private tour with one of our Scientist where we will show you our laboratory and storage facility. Contact Us today to schedule your private tour!

NECBB Storage Facility