NECBB vs. Americord

Compare New England Cord Blood Bank with Americord

Cord Blood Processing$1,349$3,499
Annual Storage$140N/A
Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Processing$1,749$5,998
Annual Storage$280N/A
Cord Blood Tissue - 20 Year Pre-paid$3,059$3,499
Cord Blood & Cord Tissue - 20 Year Pre-paid$5,219$5,998
Company-owned, In-house, Processing Lab and Cryopreservation
Sepax-2 Fully-Automated Processing
As of 5|18

At NECBB, we believe one of our main advantages is that we own our processing laboratory and cryo-preservation facility and they are under one roof. Many of our competitors have storage facilities that are separate from their laboratories, requiring additional shipping after processing. Some of the newer entrants in the field don’t even have a lab or storage facility, they are basically sales and marketing organizations. To read what the Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood has to say about one of these companies click here.

At NECBB, our liquid nitrogen, stem cell storage tanks are less than 100 feet from our laboratory, ensuring that your stem cells will be immediately preserved with minimal handling. We invite anyone considering storing their Cord Blood Stem Cells to take a private tour with one of our Scientist where we will show you the laboratory and storage facility. Contact Us today to schedule your private tour!

NECBB Storage Facility