MA State Science and Engineering Fair

MA State Science and Engineering FairNECBB Attends 2019 MSEF

Two New England Cord Blood Bank staff members volunteered earlier this month for the MA State Science and Engineering Fair (MSEF). The fair, which celebrated its 70th anniversary this year, took place May 2-4, 2019 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

More than 300 student exhibitors presented their work in one of ten categories, including Behavioral Science, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computers, Earth and Space Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, Mathematics, and Physics and Electronics.

Matthew Wilgo, a Cell Biology Scientist and Rebecca Gagnon, a Laboratory Technician with the New England Cord Blood Bank both served as judges.  Wilgo, a judge for nearly two decades, shares his excitement about the the MSEF:

"I've been judging for almost 20 years, and it's as rewarding as ever. These young adults are passionate about their projects, about learning in scientific endeavors, and having fun at MIT!"
Matthew Wilgo Cell Biologist
Matthew Wilgo
NECBB Cell Biologist
Wilgo noted that students produced their work in a wide range of environments: “While some projects have access to high-tech labs, some are run out of their schools or even in the students’ back yards. Science happens everywhere, and sometimes the most important discoveries are closer than you’d think.”
Rebecca Gagnon was thrilled to be judge in the fair for the first time this year.
"The students have so much passion for science, and it was contagious," Gagnon said. "There's no doubt in my mind that these students are going to have a positive impact on the science community. This is one of the most rewarding things I've done in my professional career."
Matthew Wilgo and Rebecca Gagnon
Rebecca Gagnon
NECBB Lab Technician
MA State Science and Engineering Fair

MA State Science and Engineering Fair

Over the course of its 70-year history the MSEF has engaged more than 36,000 volunteer STEM professionals to advise and mentor student scientists, and serve as judges. In addition, the MSEF has awarded more than $20 million in scholarships, internships and prizes. More than 300 students were invited to exhibit their work, but throughout the year, the MSEF partnered with more than 200 schools and 70,000 students in Massachusetts. In addition, 20 students who participated in the MSEF advanced to the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair, which took place May 12-17 in Phoenix, AZ.