Is Cord Blood Banking Worth the Cost?

For many parents, making the decision to privately bank umbilical cord stem cells for their baby is a choice similar to deciding whether to purchase life or disability insurance: they’re paying for something that they hope they’ll never need to use. If you store your baby’s cord blood, you’ll rest assured that your family is covered in the event of a future illness, but you hope that you’ll never see the day when you need to “cash in” on your investment. More than 80 diseases and conditions are currently being treated with umbilical cord blood stem cells, and medical advances are ongoing.

We understand that some parents might be concerned they’ve spent money on something unnecessary when they don’t need their stored umbilical cord stem cells. The families we work with feel strongly that the value of securing stem cells for possible future illnesses far outweighs the financial cost of processing and storage. In fact, if you were to spread out the fees for processing and storage over just 10 years of your child’s life, the cost becomes negligible. Certainly for families with a history of certain diseases and blood disorders, the decision to bank cord blood might be easier to make because the chances of having child inherit those conditions are increased.

Price Concept

Some people feel that the potential benefits are too few to justify the money. Others believe that it’s a worthwhile investment. We want our families to make the most informed choice possible. Once parents decide to collect and store their baby’s umbilical cord blood with us, we can discuss payment plan options to help make it more affordable. Plus, now through the end of February, we are offering a discount on all contracts. Parents who enroll this month will save $600. Visit to learn more.