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International Marketing Agent

NECBB is looking for International Marketing Agents to represent our company abroad!

With more than 40 years of experience in processing, storage, cryopreservation, and operation of a biological repository places NECC/NECBB as a world leader in cellular biotechnology.

If you want to be associated with the finest in the industry, we are the company for you. We cordially invite you to be a part of our international family. Together we can offer hope through education. “Saving cord blood; saving lives.”



  • Fully Accredited and Licensed State-of-the-Art Facility and Laboratory: NECBB’s laboratory and cryogenic center are equipped with the latest technology for processing and cryogenic storage of cord blood stem cells and tissue. We hold licenses from the Department of Health for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the State of New York, New Jersey, Maryland and the State of California.
  • Experience: Our processing techniques and quality control are held to the highest standards in the industry. Leading edge technology and highly trained staff ensure optimal results by adhering to strict procedures and verification for each and every sample processed in our laboratories.
  • Efficiency: At NECBB, we use the Sepax2, the most innovative method of cord blood processing available. Equally important is that the cord blood processing and storage is completed at one location.

Our LN2 liquid nitrogen supply system provides high efficiency and uninterrupted service to our storage units. Each tank has independent temperature controls and highly sensitive alarms verifying internal conditions.A powerful Kohler back-up generator, 24-hour video surveillance, controlled access to the facility and a wireless temperature alarm system are in place to ensure the safety and security of all specimens.

  • Reliability: Open 7 days a week, our laboratory is managed by qualified and dedicated technicians. Client information is entered into our management and laboratory systems with strict adherence to client confidentiality and discretion. All specimens are processed from start to finish at one workstation eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination and mislabeling. The storage location is determined via an electronic inventory control system as well as manual verification of all data.
  • Security and Stability: Our corporate heritage, with over 46 years of excellence and leadership in cryogenic processing and storage, our longevity and solid financial position, differentiate us from others in the industry.Our focus and dedication is to provide practical applications for cryopreservation and options for our clients, not only for processing cord blood, but also stem cells from dental pulp, sperm, and egg banking.
  • Vision: Our companies are committed to the continued development of a laboratory dedicated to the exploration and discovery of innovative procedures involved in cryopreservation. Our cryopreservation services represent one of the largest family owned biorepositories in the United States. We remain at the cusp of all significant developments and scientific breakthroughs in stem cell therapies.
  • Location: Our headquarters (laboratory and administrative offices) are located in Marlborough, Massachusetts just west of Boston, a well distinguished medical and scientific mecca.
  • Established International Presence: Our brand is internationally recognized with a solid reputation for quality, stability, and award winning customer service.We have clients in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Guatemala, Bolivia, Venezuela, Italy, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Panama, Cyprus, Turkey, and Jordan.



As a company, we are committed to the success of our marketing agents. Our business model is simple, profitable, and will allow you to establish your own sales operation of cord blood services with minimal initial investment. NECBB will provide you with marketing tools to get you established in your local market.

How it works:

An International Marketing Agent is required to:

  • Use his/her best effort to market and solicit customers for the services of NECBB in their Territory; expand NECBB’s share of the market for processing and storage of cord blood and cord tissue and increasing NECBB’s local presence.

An International Marketing Agent is responsible for:

  • Establish an office within their Territory that meets professional standards and has a suitable area for welcoming prospective clients as well as administrative space.
  • Engaging competent and adequate personnel to staff the office and perform the duties of a Marketing Agent.
  • Educating clients and doctors on the advantages to storing cord blood stem cells with NECBB.
  • Educating doctors on proper collection methods for cord blood and cord tissue.
  • Providing clients with NECBB’s client contract, collection kits and laboratory reports.
  • Ensuring suitable and timely transportation of samples to our laboratory for processing and storage.
  • Collecting and remitting fees due from Clients to NECBB under the contract between the client and NECBB.
  • Maintaining and updating client information.


NECBB offers new Marketing Agents a complete start up package to assist and support you to establish your client base.

  • On-site Sales and Scientific Training:
  • Once the Marketing Agent Agreement has been finalized, NECBB will grant you access to our technology and on-site training at our state of the art facility and Headquarters located in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The Marketing Agent (or designee) will travel to our headquarters for training with our experienced sales staff and marketing personnel.
  • Attend Cord Blood 101 Scientific Workshop to become aware and accurately versed in the importance of cord blood processing and storage. This workshop will provide the information necessary for the Marketing Agent to qualify and answer client and doctor questions pertaining to the importance and procedures of cord blood/tissue storage. NECBB will offer access to our laboratory for observation purposes on processing a cord blood/tissue unit. Access and a personal tour of our Cryogenic Tank Room is included.
  • Training is three (3) days with expenses covered by NECBB.

This intensive training will set a strong foundation for the sales representative to utilize in their local market and enable education and training of other sales force members.

  • Marketing Support:

NECBB will provide you with brochures, pens, business cards, belly tapes, calendars and other marketing materials for a period of three (3) months. Marketing support will vary after the first three months depending on market size and development. However, as a Marketing Agent for NECBB, you are authorized to use our marketing resources including information in our materials, pictures, websites, name and logo to create your own materials targeting your local market with the support and supervision of our marketing manager.

  • Live Webinars and Q & A’s:

NECBB will continue training and education with regular live and interactive webinars as well as Q & A’s to ensure a well trained staff. Live webinars can also be given to local doctors to answer questions they may have about cord blood collection, processing and storage with NECBB.

  • Competitive Pricing and Incentive Structure:

NECBB will offer the marketing agent a competitive pricing plan to allow you to set your profit margin. Depending on the territory and market size, NECBB will establish a pricing schedule allowing the agent to receive a financial return for every sample processed and stored over the initial monthly sales target. Volume incentive will continue to increase as your market grows.

  • Freedom:

You are in responsible for you operation. NECBB provides its marketing agent with the freedom to set you own price, hire staff, set your location and determine your level of investment. We provide the experience, knowledge, reliability and international reputation with our solid and extensive history in the cryopreservation industry.

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There are several steps to become an NECBB International Marketing Agent. If you are interested in obtaining more information please send us an email at or give us a call at 774-843-2965.