The Difference Between Family Cord Blood Banks and Corporate Banks

family cord blood banksIf you have visited your OB/GYN doctor in recent years, you may have seen brochures or other literature advertising umbilical cord blood banks. If you’re pregnant, you are probably getting bombarded by these marketing materials. Cord blood banks advertise in email newsletters, maternity stores, and pregnancy magazines. Even worse, most of the marketing looks nearly identical from one company to the next.


If you’re considering banking your child’s cord blood, all of this can make it difficult to understand your choices. How do you tell the difference between these huge corporate cord blood banks and those that don’t spend millions of dollars on advertising each year? How do you know if you’re working with the most reliable and reputable provider? How can you be sure that the price you’re paying is competitive in the industry? What is the best cord blood bank for you and your family?

Family vs. Corporate

In addition to other questions you will want to ask your cord blood bank, you will want to know about the ownership, management, and level of personalized service. A large advertising budget may not be the best indication of the care you can expect. Be sure to consider factors such as how long the cord blood bank has been in business, their accreditations, the qualifications of the staff, and how connected they are to their community. Family banks are able to add a level of personal customer service and an increased feeling of reliability.

Trust is Important

As the only family-owned cord blood bank in the United States, New England Cord Blood Bank is also the oldest and most trusted. Our level of care and ability to safeguard your precious stem cells is second to none. NECBB is registered with the FDA and is accredited by the AABB (formerly known as American Association of Blood Banks). Additionally, NECBB is licensed in the states of California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York.

The decision on where to store your child’s stem cells is as important to us as it is to you. That’s a philosophy you won’t find elsewhere.

We’re currently offering up to $600 off our already competitive cord blood banking rates, through August 31, 2015. Contact us to learn more.