Cord Blood Trials

The Cord Blood Trials Portal

The Cord Blood Trials portal below enables our readers to find registered clinical trials worldwide that are currently enrolling patients for therapy with cord blood stem cells. If you are a patient seeking more information about a trial, please click on the link under the trial’s registry identification. That will take you to the original trial registration, and within that description you should find contact information.

This list does not constitute medical advice and neither New England Cord Blood Bank or Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation has any relationship with any of these trial sponsors.

This list is provided by The Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation and is maintained by checking the world’s largest clinical trial registries. They only display clinical studies that are registered on an official trials registry.

This Cord Blood Trials portal makes it easier for patients and their families to find cord blood therapy options without having to learn how to navigate multi-function clinical trials registries in multiple countries.