6 Things to Accomplish in Your Second Trimester

During your second trimester of pregnancy, fetal development takes your baby from a cluster of cells to a tiny person with organs, nerves, and muscles. You will even start to feel more movement as baby starts putting those tiny arms and legs to work.

It’s a busy time for baby and a great time for you to get things done as well. You likely have far more energy now that the morning sickness and fatigue of the first trimester have faded away. It’s also early enough in your pregnancy that you have the time and strength to accomplish larger projects. It is the perfect time to focus on yourself, spend time with your partner, and prepare for baby’s arrival.2nd trimester to do's

Second Trimester “To Do” List:

1. Prioritize yourself.
Schedule time to pamper yourself. Read a long novel, get a pregnancy massage, or take a class. Spend a lazy afternoon in your favorite spot or enjoy a night out with friends.

2. Enjoy safe prenatal exercise.
With energy returning, it’s a good time to start making light exercise part of your daily routine. Not only will it make your body stronger, it will improve sleep and boost serotonin, a brain chemical associated with mood.

3. Plan some alone time with your partner.
Whether you opt for a “babymoon” away or a “staycation” close to home, this may be the last opportunity you and your partner have for extended quality time together. If you have other children, be sure to get a babysitter. Make the most of it!

4. Visit the dentist.
Pregnancy hormones can affect your gums and increase plaque. According to the American Dental Association, dental cleaning during pregnancy is not only safe, but recommended. Make your smile shine!

5. Plan baby’s nursery.
Although you may be more driven to start decorating once the third-trimester nesting urge hits, it’s a good idea to start planning early. Take advantage of your increased energy to explore stores for patterns, colors, and themes. Pick out furniture and larger items.

6. Research cord blood banking options.
Thinking about your child’s future health includes researching cord blood banking options. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about cord blood banking here.

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