10 Father’s Day Ideas for First-Time Dads

fathers dayIf you are a new parent or expecting a child, your bundle of joy also means new holidays to celebrate. Father’s Day is a particularly special time to honor the amazing dad or father-to-be.

Here are ten Father’s Day gifts, fit for any budget:

1. Write him a love letter.

Speak from the heart and let the new dad know why you think he is, or will be, a great father. Share gratitude, praise, and dreams for the future.

2. Buy him a tie.

Although it may seem cliché, nothing says, “You’re a Daddy now!” like the gift of an old-fashioned necktie. Have some fun with it and choose a pattern that has a special or secret meaning.

3. Say it with music.

Create a modern day mixtape! Download a special playlist that he can play on his phone or computer, or in the car or gym. Include songs about fatherhood or anything that will make him smile and think of you.

4. Make him a Daddy coupon book.

Include special passes for being able to watch a whole football game uninterrupted, getting out of changing an especially dirty diaper, or anything you think he would appreciate.

5. Highlight a memory from the first-time father’s own childhood.

Think of a story that this new dad has shared with you about growing up. Find a special item or book or photo that represents that memory and make it the center of a unique gift.

6. Plan a date night.

As wonderful as parenting can be, it is nice to remember life before baby too. Create a romantic candlelit dinner at home or go see a movie that only he would pick.

7. Put together a “new dad kit.”

Fill a bucket or basket with all of his favorite treats, plus other items such as ear plugs, nose pins, air freshener, headache reliever, and beverage of choice.

8. Buy him a toy.

Depending on his interests and your budget, buy the new dad a gift he can use to entertain his inner child. Items such as card games, puzzles, and model building kits may also lead to activities for father and child to do together in years to come.

9. Start a memory jar.

Take any jar, decorate as you wish, and add a few special notes. On Father’s Day, agree on a date in the future when you will open the jar as a family and read the notes. Write that date in permanent marker on the bottom of the jar, and then keep adding notes with precious memories all year long!

10. Remember the best gift of all.

The most wonderful thing about Father’s Day as a new dad is the new life that made it so. Bask in happiness together for such an amazing gift.

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