Price Guarantee

New England Cord Blood Bank Best Price Guarantee!

At New England Cord Blood Bank, we know you have a lot to think about with a new baby on the way. You have medical appointments to plan, baby equipment to buy, a nursery to paint, and Cord Blood Banking to arrange.

We also feel that you deserve the best value possible. Should you enroll for Cord Blood Banking now or wait until NECBB has a sale? Enrolling today would mean one less thing to worry about, but what if you waited and were offered a discount in the future? We get this question a LOT and at NECBB we have decided to do something about it.

We Guarantee you will receive our lowest advertised price, from the time of your enrollment to your delivery date.

With our NECBB Best Price Guarantee, there is no need to wait to enroll in our program, hoping for a future discount or sale. Enroll today and we will automatically honor any discounted price we may publish between your enrollment date and your delivery! There is no additional paperwork required. We simply guarantee you will receive our BEST advertised price.

So Enroll with NECBB today and know that your baby’s Cord Blood will always be taken care of, at the very best price available. Guaranteed.

*Cannot be combined with any other coupon or offer.


In contacting New England Cord Blood Bank to obtain more information or to register for our cord blood banking program, you are providing information that is sensitive to you and we treat it with respect and confidentiality. Any personal information we obtain via our Web site, e-mail or phone is kept completely confidential and used only in the administration of the program. Any information you share with us is not sold or shared with any party outside NECBB.

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