Donated cord bloods needed at NECBB....receive a $100 gift card for all donated cord bloods through May 2015!


We offer you the combination of experience, cutting-edge facilities, and integrity that ensures you’re doing the best for your family by banking with such a trusted partner.

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NECBB is a family-owned company that believes strongly in putting clients first. We work with you to make the process as seamless as possible.

Our Clients First

Everyone who wishes to store cord blood should have the opportunity to do so, and that is why we work hard to keep costs down for you. Ask us about our payment plans and discounts for returning parents and multiple births!

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We’re moving to a new state-of-the-art facility in
Marlborough, Massachusetts in May 2015!

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New England Cord Blood Bank is the world’s premier cord blood bank. Our unmatched experience—in cryogenics since 1971 and cord blood banking since 1995—delivers the expertise and quality your family desires at an affordable price.

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National Shipping Included in Pricing

Shipping of the NECBB Collection Kit to you and back to our lab is included in the package price. For clients outside Greater Boston, FedEx Priority Overnight shipping is used. For clients delivering within 50 miles of our processing lab in Newton, MA, our dedicated medical courier will pick up the collection kit from the hospital and drive it to our lab for processing.

When holidays or weekends may delay shipping, an alternative courier will be used and additional costs will apply.

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Cutting The Cord
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Fighting Leukemia with Umbilical Cord Blood
March 27, 2015

Some of the most successful results of umbilical cord blood stem cell treatment are related to blood disorders and diseases, including leukemia. Sometimes referred to as blood cancer, there are several types of leukemia, named for the kind of cell affected. The disease develops when blood cells produced in the bone marrow grow out of […]

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Cord Blood Facts

Is it possible to delay cord clamping and still collect cord blood?  The answer is yes.  The recommended time for delaying cord clamping given by the World Health Organization is 1-3 minutes.  Even if clamping is delayed by 3  minutes, there will still be plenty of blood remaining in the placenta and umbilical cord to collect.

More about Delayed Cord Clamping
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